The “WHAT-THE-%$@&!?” newsflash anyone needs to read before they attempt to make another dollar online…



Long Live The NEW KING Of

Internet Marketing!

WARNING: He’s got a funny
foreign accent, but he’s
deadly serious about helping even more
real people make
real money from their

Hi. Ross Bowring here…


And forgive my bluntness, but as a 7-figure copywriter and business consultant…


…if you don’t think Frank Kern is one hell of a talented marketer, I urge you to get your head checked.


There’s a reason why the guy is so beloved throughout our industry.


But with that said…

“If Kern Being Knocked Off
His Perch Is News To You,
Wait ‘Til You See The Proof…”

Here’s the deal:


Recently… Frank Kern made a hair-raising business decision.


You’ve probably noticed it too.


Frank’s still Frank, don’t get me wrong.


He’s still the smartest guy in the room.


But he’s no longer the same dude who hawked Mass Control and other legendary products…


Now his lavish locks are cut shorter… slicked back.


He’s swapped out his T-shirts for business blazers… and his hippy bracelets for a Rolex watch…


So, why the extreme makeover?


Well, behind-the-scenes profound changes are in the air…


…and as you’ll soon see, they could forever impact how you experience many critical aspects of your day-to-day life.


It will affect the amount of money you get to enjoy in your bank account each month…


The way you feel about yourself in private moments… and the way others speak about you in public.


It will let you prove to skeptical friends and family that this online thing really does work…


…and that the secret to making it all “click” was so much simpler than you ever thought possible.


All this is now on the cards… because with one industry-shaking business decision…


Frank Kern has allowed a plucky challenger to have his arm raised aloft as the new “People’s Champ” of Internet Marketing.


You see…


Product creation, super-sized affiliate launches…


Frank’s shelved them both.


Choosing instead to use his time and talents to further enrich a lucky handful of elite “high net-worth” consulting clients.


Makes a lot of sense…

“They’re The Only People
Who Can Afford His Rumored
$100,000.00 Upfront Fee,
Plus, Profit Sharing...”

As Frank sought out deep-pocket clients in March 2012… he made no bones about it…


For him to even consider working with you one-on-one…


"You should be doing around seven figures or more each year already."
--- Frank Kern, in letter to prospective clients.


But let’s say you don’t meet Frank’s strict requirements…


Not even close.


What if you’re still waiting to meet the one ethical marketing method you can feel good about taking to the moon…


Or you’ve tried a bunch of money-making avenues that just didn’t pan out, through no fault of your own…


Where does that leave YOU?

“Who’s Your Frank Kern?”

The proven expert who can step in (for a far more modest fee than Frank’s $100K)…


…with rock-solid one-on-one coaching that helps you move mountains in record time…

Someone ready to help you execute an
extraordinary success blueprint that’s 100% guaranteed to take you to success…


…so long as you bring a healthy dose of commitment and “stick-with-it-ness” to the table.

“That’s The Ultimate
Dream, Right?”

Someone takes you by the hand and helps you alter the course of your life for good.


Providing every piece to the puzzle, so all you have to bring to the party is some elbow grease.


But we both know… that dream is more like a living nightmare for way too many people.


Scam artists have infested the Internet…


…depositing a slug trail of broken promises everywhere you step.


As an in-demand copywriter and business consultant I get a close-up view of the filth.


When scammers darken my doorstep, trying to enlist me to help them steal from good hard-working people…


…I send ‘em scattering with warning shots that scream, “Start a REAL Internet business, why don’t ya?!”


You see this like I do, I’m sure…


Too many people talk the talk.


Few walk the walk…


And I was convinced I’d end up a cranky online skeptic for the rest of my days…


…that is, until a ballsy Russian began to stalk me.

“The Borat Sound-Alike
Who Made
Me Feel Like
The Village Idiot…”



“Ross… the people I’ve coached to do this, they will confirm everything.”


That’s what he wrote me when I interrogated him KGB-style for proof…


…forcing him to confess the truth about whether his “weird” list-building system actually works.


He’d chased me down for weeks.


Private messages on forums… emails… he wouldn’t quit until I considered his unusual request.


He wanted me to school him in my notoriously-effective “marketing voodoo”…


…so he could assure throngs of frustrated online marketers that help is finally at hand!


But when we got on Skype, it was me gettin’ schooled.


As I learned a life lesson in the immense value of always maintaining an open mind.


As still… to this very day… I feel like a bit of an idiot for pressing Igor Kheifets so hard for proof.


Because fast-forward 4 short months to today, and Igor has proved himself a dream student…


…even if he does sound a HELLUVA LOT like Borat. :-)


This proud new Daddy to 2-month old Erica, has listened


and acted upon every word of my coaching.


And he just keeps moving forward pedal-to-the-metal…


Always taking massive action…


Always looking ahead and seeing an even bigger, brighter, more profitable future.


His reward?


His already impressive monthly income has multiplied six-times over…

“…And That’s Without A Single
Fancy Product Launch Or Anything Like It!

Most importantly for you…


His growing army of loyal students keep matching his massive action with some of their own.


Their rewards?


Well, let’s introduce you to some of them right now…



Real People…
Real Results…


“I Was Bored… Tired… And
Not Really Happy.”


When Louis Martel purchased a

Quizno’s sandwich franchise...


…he quickly discovered he’d really bought himself a ride on the hamster wheel of 80 to 90 hour work weeks.


“I was bored… tired and not really happy.”


But now, as a valued member of Igor’s coaching program, this new father to 8-month old “Louis Phillip” has an escape plan.


The 32-year old native of Quebec, Canada is on track to bolt from the restaurant biz just 6 short months from now.


“You have to hustle to sell a lot of $8 sandwiches to make a good living. But in the Internet business Igor’s taught me to build, you get paid hundreds of dollars at a time...”


“I came into IM in 2007… made some money, but I kept jumping from thing to thing. I never really built anything big enough to make a living from it.”


“Igor teaches you how to build a business in an ethical way… and the respect you need for your customers.


You need to do your own work. Igor doesn’t do it for you, but he coaches you exactly how to do it. And I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to…”


The biggest benefit of linking arms with Igor?


“Now, my wife can stay at home with my son, and she’s not obligated to go back to work. That’s means so much to me because I believe the first 3 years of my sons life is the most important. And working with Igor has allowed it to happen.”

Ballpark income estimate:
$6,000.00 per month and growing…



“My Body Went
Into Panic Mode…”


Chrisi Darrington faced a stomach-
churning deadline.


The work-man’s compensation she and her husband Randy relied on for life’s basic necessities was about to expire.


But with Randy still disabled after blowing out his back on the job in 2003, Chrisi still couldn’t figure out how to replace that income online.


“It was a heavy, heavy burden. I felt like a failure. The deadline was literally, killing me. My body went into panic mode.”


It was so hard to find a method that would “stick”… that wouldn’t get slapped by Google. I wanted to build a long-term business, something I could scale up and grow as big as I want.”


But after bumping into Igor online, this resident of Redding, California, overcame her initial skepticism to give his coaching a shot.


“Igor would say to me “Chrisi, I support 3 families on this. You will be okay.”


And that was huge to know that I would be okay. Hope is an amazing thing, let me tell ya.”


Now the 52 year old self-confessed “F student” in high school, doesn’t have to clean houses for extra money anymore.


“Some days I work all day, and I love it… I just take breaks whenever I want. And if there’s a day when I only work two hours, that’s great. I can take my dog Lucy for long walks in the hills near our home.


It just feels great to know I’ll never be stuck in a 9-5 grind. If it hadn’t been for Igor I’d still be floundering. He’s given me a foundation I can use to make money anytime I need it.”


How’s her husband feel about this newfound success?


“He’s amazed. We’re both still in shock actually… we keep asking, is this for real!?”

Ballpark income estimate:
$20,000.00 per month and growing…



“My Mother Sweated Blood For This Place… But The Bank Was Still Ready To Foreclose…”


Without blinking, New Yorker, Justin Tillman will insist…


“I’m blessed, man.”


But the courage behind those words would go unnoticed if you didn’t know his story.


When he was only 24 years old, Justin’s Mom, a child speech therapist, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.


That’s when he made a life-altering decision he’s never since regretted.


“I could have got a ‘real 9-5 job’ but to see as much of my Mom as I could, I pursued Internet Marketing because of the flexible hours…


“I tried SEO, and a bunch of other stuff. I got to the 1st page of Google but I wasn’t able to convert it into many sales…”


Still, Justin scraped by just enough to spend precious weeks and hours at his Mom’s side before her tragic passing.


But Justin still faced a daunting financial challenge. Keeping his cherished family home—full of fond memories—out of the hands of the bank.



“My mother sweated her blood and tears for this place… but the bank was ready to foreclose… if I didn’t do something, immediately, I was looking at losing it.


At that time, online just wasn’t paying enough and I considered getting that ‘real job,’ but just as I was on the brink of quitting, I stumbled on Igor.”


I told him I was in a bind. He listened to me, committed to my success, and I committed to him. He taught me the fundamental skills few people teach online.


The first month, I made 3K. The next month $7K. The next month $15K. It just blew my mind.”


Now I’m in full control of my future… and that includes keeping this house. I’m not moving out, man!”


This star student may not be moving out anytime soon, but he is packing his bags to jet to Eastern Europe…


“My girlfriend ‘Benan’ and I are travelling to Turkey… to Istanbul, where she’s from. I couldn’t have done that before working with Igor. So he’s the reason I can finally meet my in-laws. I’m not sure whether to thank him for that or not!”


Most importantly, what does he think his much-loved Mom would say about his remarkable achievements in such short order…


“She’d probably say, ‘Justin, don't let anyone, including yourself, stop you, it's your time ... now go BIG!”

Ballpark income estimate:
$15,000.00 per month and growing…



Real People…
Real Results…


“The Dude Changed My Life, Overnight He Just Changed
My Life.”


Martin Staten doesn’t mince words about the state of the economy in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan…


“It’s probably the worst city in America, right now, man. There aren’t any jobs… and jobs that do exist are crap.”


“To get my MA in accounting I graduated with $145,000 of student debt, even though I hated school. All that, you know, just to come out and make $45,000 as an accountant! So starting my own Internet business was a no-brainer.”


But it was no easy road…


“I almost went bankrupt trying to make it online. I was down to my last money, I was drunk as hell, in bed at home. And I kept seeing Igor’s name all over the place on forums.


So I wrote the guy a drunk email and he actually responded! The rest is history, man. I went from a list of zero people to over 50,000 in over 5 months!


But the 31 year old never anticipated who else he’d find online…


“I fell in love with a girl in Romania of all places.”


It actually works out great, man, because now I can travel whenever the hell I want. I went to Poland, Germany, I go to Romania to see my girl… I pick up and go to Puerto Rico, like randomly.


It’s crazy man, because we were a really poor family growing up. My Mom had me when she was 16… and I actually lived in a foster home for a while. ”


How would Martin sum up his experience with Igor?


“The dude changed my life, overnight he just changed my life.”

Ballpark income estimate:
Between $5,000.00 and $8,000.00
per month and growing



“I Did Not Believe This Was
Even Possible…”



The eldest of 3 brothers, Ivan Rendulic is partying up a storm in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia...


“I’m 23 years old… in my final year in college. Every day I like drinking beer, just doing what young guys do, partying, just doing crazy stuff.”


But that’s not the reason he now has “money for everything”…


“I got my work ethic from my father. His business, an engineering company, was very successful, but I wanted to do my own thing, you know.”


“In high school, I started marketing online. I was only getting paid something like 1 cent per click for advertisements…


It wasn’t going so well, you know! I ended up losing $70K in bad investments.


So I met another guy from Croatia who told me, “Money’s in the list,” but I didn’t quite understand what that meant. That’s when I met Igor in the Warrior Forum.”


I did not believe this was even possible until I made my first 3K per month.”


How’s life been different since Igor’s appeared?


“I have much more money to invest in my other projects, to buy myself clothes, watches, stuff I always dreamed about. Give to charities, buy stuff for my brothers.”

Ballpark income estimate:
$9,000.00 to $10,000.00 per month
and growing...



“There Are No Limits To Where I Can Take This…”


In 2007 single mom, Rhia Taylor got “scammed for $22K”…


“I pretty much fell apart and became ill. It was a large chunk of my savings and I didn't know how I was going to make ends meet.


It took me about a year to get better and I began working on the internet. I went from coaching program to coaching program, purchasing way too many WSO's.


But Igor has shown me a whole new way that I can make a good income, something I can be proud of… there are no limits to where I can take this.


Whether you need a pat on the back telling you great job, or you need a push to get moving, Igor is there for you. I’ve never seen anyone be so involved and caring of their students as Igor is.”


Now the 48 year-old from Des Plaines, Illinois, has the freedom to be there for her elderly parents during the day.


“They deserve to be cared for as they once cared for me. I'm needed here and this is where I choose to be.”


With her family life taken care of, how’s her financial life looking since working with Igor?


“I have a lot more money and EVEN a savings account now! I no longer have to worry if I can pay my bills each month. Now I can pay everything that’s due for the month on the same day and know it's all covered.


Right now I'm feeling pretty good about not only myself, but what I’ve accomplished.”

Ballpark income estimate:
$5,000.00 per month
and growing…



Real People…
Real Results…


“I Was Playing With The Last Chips I Had In My Hand…”


Google isn’t high up on Juan Morales’ Christmas list…


After his exhausting SEO efforts, the big “G” had the last evil laugh…


“Just 4 months after getting married, Google slapped me. It knocked me off my feet.”


“It taught me not to be dependent on others. I wanted to be dependent on myself.


In the end, I realized, you’re either working for someone else or you take a bet on yourself, which is what I did.”


But for this 31 year-old software engineer, the journey to self-reliance wasn’t easy.


“I kept asking myself, I have all this technical knowledge but I had no way to turn it into money.


I had so much junk on my hard-drive from looking for that next big thing, it’s unbelievable.”


I tried other coaches, but when I found Igor, he just had his stuff together in a way I’d never seen before. I realized those other coaches had been letting me down.


After Google slapped me… money was tight. I was playing with the last chips I had in my hand, but talking with Igor, it felt like a sure bet. And I’ve never looked back.


Igor said to me at the start, “I just want to see you get to the place where you’re not worried about money.” And now I’m there.

Joining his coaching community, I knew I was part of a movement. A support-system I could both tap into and give back to. Something bigger than just me, you know.”


Is this lifelong native of Panama City, Panama really living the “Internet Lifestyle”?


“Well, I never look at my watch and try and figure out when I’m done. I achieve more now in a day than ever before… and I feel like a better person.


I mean… I’m sitting in my house in shorts and I’ve already made $500 bucks today. I love the lifestyle this has given me.”


It just feels, right, you know.”

Ballpark income estimate:
$12,000.00 per month and growing...



“My Husband’s Going Crazy, Saying, Are You Kidding Me. It’s All A Scam!”


“I finally had to tune him out and just believe in myself…


I just felt on top of the world, I could feel the emotion pushing me, the hunger I had to be able to work from home, from my computer.”


It’s not the first time Jeanette “JP” Bailey’s taken a leap of faith.
Twenty-three years ago she left her home state of Illinois to start life fresh in California...


“The only reason I settled here in San Diego was because I ran out of money for gas on my way to L.A! I needed a new life. A new start. A new beginning. I got to start over.”


But for this proud “survivor type,” making ends meet was always a struggle…


“I lived in my car… and I went to construction sites and swept up after construction guys to make some money.


I’ve always had a passion for helping people… so I ended up getting a Master’s degree in Psychology… thinking I was going to make it, right. Well, no.”


The work was hard, it started to drag on me. I bounced from job to job. I barely eked by for many years, doing that.


When JP’s husband, Robert, found work hard to come by after the crash of 2008, she turned to the Internet for a solution…


“I started to hear the same things again and again… ‘list, offers, traffic… list, offers, traffic… over and over.’


I didn’t really know what I needed but I was driven. I even got a coach, but all he did was teach me how to make him money.


I could see myself crashing and burning and back looking for a job... but when I met Igor something told me he was the real deal.


What Igor really did for me was open the world up… I was no longer just sitting here by myself, isolated.


I knew I had it in me, I just needed the right teacher.


When he told me to do it, I did it. And whatever he told me just worked.”


Does her husband still think it’s all a scam?


“No… now he just brings me dinner on a plate. “Just handle your business, honey,” he says!


He’s completely supportive. He’s doing the dishes, like I said, he’s making dinner. For him to finally see the light has been really nice for me.”

Ballpark income estimate:
$4,000.00 per month and growing...



“People Were Running
Away From Me. I Was
Losing Friends…”


That’s how Lenin Govea describes his experience with a string of MLM companies…


“It was damn hard.”


I got into a pyramid scheme… even got caught up in chain-letter scams…


But I decided I was going to make money online no matter what. I really wanted it so badly that finally I started to stumble on things that could work.”


I tried to create websites… to promote affiliate offers… but I never made a dime online before I met Igor.


Although Lenin admits to a “tough childhood,” growing up in the busy city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, life’s now looking up for this persistent 32 year old...


“When I was a child, we were kind of poor. My parents used to work a lot so they could pay for our school.”


But now I just went to my daughter’s school and paid all cash for two months. It’s one of the best private schools in the city. I can even pay one year in advance if I want to. That’s really awesome to be able to be able to do that.


I’m also planning my vacation for the first time ever. My daughter Ainhoa and I, we’re going to Disney world. I’m really happy to be able to do that. She’s 8 years old, so she can’t wait to see the Princess from the movie Brave. She loves her!


These days, I can treat myself too. I’m using my new laptop to talk to you, a new Mac, and also I bought a smartphone.”


A native Spanish speaker, what would Lenin say to someone desperate to mentor with Igor, but who’s not confident in their English?


“You just have to give it that try, you know. You can do it. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

Ballpark income estimate:
$6,000.00 per month and growing...





Let other “coaches” quote THEORY from their hifalutin marketing textbooks…


Igor’s business insights are served hot from the hard-knocks of real-world PRACTICE….


…never from generic “book knowledge” you could get from your local library.

“That’s Why So Much Of What Igor Confides To His Students Runs Counter To Almost Everything You’ve Likely Been Taught About Making Money Online…”

Because so few people are actually in the online trenches, day-in, day-out, like Igor…


Discovering what truly sets the cash register ringing, even when the world economy sucks.


His coaching is based 100% on what’s working inside his very real and very profitable Internet business… built in the middle of the worst recession in decades.


And his commitment to every student is to hold absolutely nothing back.


You always get the full uncensored scoop on how to maximize your income every single month.

“By Happily Keeping This Solemn Promise… Igor’s Created An International United Nations Of Internet Success…”

…a Chicago Mom caring for her elderly parents…


…a Croatian party boy without a care in the world…


…a Canadian sandwich-shop “prisoner” making a daring escape…


…a South-American software engineer giving the finger to Google…


…a courageous New Yorker saving his home from bullying banks…


…a Detroit tough-guy left dumbstruck by a Romanian princess…


Even an Ecuadorian MLM survivor!


Thanks to Igor… ALL of them are tasting success, no matter where they call home…


…no matter their own personal reasons for desperately wanting the freedom that comes with working from home…


You see…

“Igor’s Built A Sophisticated “Global Training Network”
Where No-One Falls Through
The Cracks…”

It’s why Jeanette “JP” Bailey says…


“What Igor really did for me was open the world up… I was no longer just sitting here by myself, isolated.”


And Angela Clark added…


“Igor works very hard to make sure everyone has success. This is ongoing coaching, not just a few lessons.”


Now… as you can imagine, with all these success stories under his belt, Igor’s time is at more of a premium than ever.


You don’t find him sharing his secrets on webinars or in articles or blog posts. The dude simply doesn’t have time.


But recently, he carved time out of his schedule for a marketing friend looking to give his clients amazing value for money.


“Igor Reveals His *Weird*

List-Building System As You Listen In…”


For 74 minutes… Chad Hamzeh, an online powerhouse in his own right, grilled Igor in an exclusive underground training session about what it really takes to make it online.


The audio recording of this interrogation spread like California wild-fire among Chad’s coaching clients. All of whom happily paid Chad $2,000 to introduce them to new tactics and strategies that consistently pull in the big money online.


Chad contacted Igor… and the rest is the stuff of underground legend.


Igor gave Chad’s clients an unforgettable, eye-opening and exclusive master class in how to build a targeted list for free…




How he’s built a safe and lasting Internet income that literally can’t get crushed by any type of Google update or anything like it.


How to build a big list without paying for expensive traffic. (If you’re on a shoestring budget, you’ll want to listen particularly close to this part…)


What Internet prospects really want to buy… and how to quickly build funnels that keep them buying from you over and over.


Why the affiliate marketing business model is broken beyond repair… and why Igor’s *weird* list building system solves every frustration that affiliate marketing creates.


And a whole lot more…


“This Closed-Door Underground Recording Is Only Accessible Through This Page…”


Within hours of this recording being released, Igor was buried under a pile of new applications to his coaching program.   


Proving that this information is just what the doctor ordered if you’ve tried and failed at list building before…


And if your biggest headache is getting traffic


Problem solved.


Igor shares his own method that creates a FREE (HIGH-QUALITY) TRAFFIC MACHINE!


IMPORTANT: This recording also serves as detailed overview of everything Igor teaches in his coaching program.


So if you’re thinking about applying, claiming instant access to this recording today gives you a clear picture of whether it’s a fit for you or not. 


Of course, the reality is… this may not be for you…


Many people are just messing around online…


…lacking appreciation for the fact that life is freakin’ short


…and when rare doors of opportunity blast open, you’ve gotta get off your rump and storm right thru them.


That’s the only type of person Igor needs to be sharing his income-secrets with…


Strong-willed, nothing’s-gonna-stop-me “Internet survivors,” pumped up about the chance to…   


“Start Profiting From A

Real Kick-Ass Online Business,

Right Now!”


If that’s YOU


If your beating heart is now your pounding heart


Things only heat up from here on out…


Because when you click the link below, you’ll be whisked to a secure PayPal page.


There—you get the pleasure of kick-starting the process of potentially changing your life forever…


(That one simple act alone just separated you from hordes of online couch-potatoes who’ve never truly reached for true lasting-success…)


And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg… because only thru this remarkable offer… you can access this underground recording for…


Only $17!


When your secure payment is successfully submitted, you’ll be forwarded to a download page where you can soak in Igor’s list-building roadmap at your leisure.


However, most people, hungry to finally generate a real Internet income, choose to eat up this exclusive info immediately.


And to be clear…


Even if you’ve never seen a single shred of success online until now, you can do this.


As Lenin Govea said, “I never made a dime online before I met Igor.”


Now Lenin is banking $6K per month, and his income is only growing.


So don’t wait. If you want this, take it.


Give Me Access Right Now



Please Read This

Loud & Proud



I won’t insult your intelligence by burying something this important in any small print.


I’m figuring you’re man or woman enough to confidently handle, and with all the scams out there—sincerely appreciate—some uncensored straight-talk.


You see… most people who enter a coaching program or buy an information product, get no results whatsoever.


That’s an unavoidable fact I’ve got no problem shouting from the rooftops.


Because this isn’t for people who believe they can do diddly-squat… and still claim a relaxing life that’s the envy of their stressed-out, work-ravaged neighbors.  


Louis Martel said it best above,


You need to do your own work. Igor doesn’t do it for you, but he coaches you exactly how to do it. And I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to…”


I’m pretty sure you’ve probably learned, like Louis, that the only way to feel the adrenaline-highs of success is to take action, and lots of it.


That’s what Igor did. He failed online for years…


“At One Low-Point He

Was Flat-Broke…”


But then he found something that looked promising, and he pounced on it.


Stubbornly refining his system, until he can now teach anyone to follow it in clear step-by-step fashion.  


But with the mega-phone that’s become this widely-read thread…


… I do want you to know…


“What You Suspect, Is Absolutely Correct…”


I’m thinking a small part of you wonders if all this seems just too damn good to be true…


Surely, everyone who mentors under Igor isn’t this successful?


Well, here are the facts, and let’s be 100% open and transparent about this…


Igor does has a handful of students, who, for their own mind-boggling reasons, keep trying to re-invent the wheel.


And these students, naturally, are yet to see the type of life-altering results you’ve seen so many folk enjoying above…


…and the truth is, they may never see results if they continue to deviate from the super-clear success map Igor lays out.


So, please…


For your own sake, and for the sake of anyone who relies on you for financial safe-keeping…


…I’m hoping that’s not a stunt you’re gonna pull, not when the stakes are so high…  


Not when you’ve got a very real shot right here—right now, at finally making this online thing pay off.


Because no matter how inspired to act you are after reading the personal stories above…


No matter how much of your story you see in their stories


If you’re not willing to follow Igor’s proven, highly-ethical, and unique blueprint to the letter…


…don’t click below to access this underground recording.


No Worries… I’m An Adult… I Realize Taking Action & Lots Of It Is The Only Way To Achieve Success… So Gimme The Recording Now!


Believe me… this brutal honesty has just scared lesser-people than yourself away from this page.


They’re back to bouncing from one bogus money-making method to the next… from one crappy product to the next…  


…right into the strangle-hold of more money wasted…  


more despair at why nothing’s working…


…and more Misery with a big fat capital “M.” 


And if you’d like to join them in their V.I.P “Misery Loves Company” club… 


…this once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to build a legit online business may not be for you after all.


Or, you could take your lead from Juan Morales (who’s now banking $12K per month) who knew exactly what type of “club” he wanted to be a member of…


“Joining [Igor’s] coaching community, I knew I was part of a movement. A support-system I could both tap into and give back to. Something bigger than just me, you know…”


And now—if you’re ready to run with this elite, upbeat, on-the-march, successful and supportive crowd…


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Fair Warning: Igor’s Coaching Program Is Fast Approaching

Full Capacity…”


When you listen to your recording in just a few moments, one of two things will happen.


1)    You listen in, you love the plan Igor plays out and you set out want to try and implement it on your own. If this is the case, we wish you the very best of luck and we hope you’ll update us to your progress.


2)   You listen in, you love the plan and you want Igor to help coach you to implement his blueprint. In which case, you’ll want to apply to become Igor’s next star student.


If this is the case, I should warn you that intensive “hands-on” contact with the man himself is still available, but the hour-glass is quickly running outta sand.


Coaching will not always be available and Igor’s program is filling fast.


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To your online success,

Ross Bowring,

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P.S. Is English your second or third language?


No worries.


Igor has students taking massive action from non-English speaking countries like, Malaysia, Israel, Croatia, Egypt, Romania, China, Panama, Equador, Lithuania, Germany, Singapore and the Netherlands.


Just 3 short weeks into Igor’s coaching program, Sebastian Cselienski is “super excited”


The 30 year-old from Wroclaw, Poland, has, “…worked with a WHOLE BUNCH of coaches”…


“…but I've never made so much progress in such a short amount of time. No-one comes close to Igor’s quick results.”  


And Rance Liu, from Singapore is “surprised by the results” he’s secured since coaching with Igor.


“Without Igor” the 46 year-old father says, “I would still be buying stuff and hoping that some will turn out winner....”


Needless to say…


Don’t let a trivial little “language barrier” come between you and success.


For $17… I Want In!


P.S. Can anyone really snatch Frank Kern’s crown as the King of IM?


I’m not entirely sure.


But what I know beyond a shadow of doubt is that by charging $100,000.00 one-on-one consulting fees, Frank’s priced himself way outside of the regular person’s wallet.


Yet Igor, as only he can, has boldly stepped forward to expertly fill this all-important void, and the results of his students have trounced expectations.


Now Igor’s giving you a juicy taste-test of his coaching program in an underground 74 minute “secret training.”


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